Team coaching

Addressing a problem in a team effort highlights the power of the most stunning human skill - collaboration. Most professional tasks today require a team to solve them. 

In my work, inspired by years of team leadership and skill-building, I help teams to improve team outputs and working experience.

My team-coaching offering consists of modules aligned along the task-solving journey, supported by modules oriented towards team environment / individual soft skills.  

The content can be adjusted to specific participants' areas of work, teams can bring their own cases/problems, and the pace/interaction mode is highly flexible. 

Modules are most effective when taken in sequence, but (with some limitation) also work on individual basis. Content is best delivered through a series of in-person interactive sessions, virtual delivery is also possible. 

Core task-solving oriented modules

Task scoping, alignment

Ensuring broad based alignment on specifics of the task to solve, such as the output/actions, time horizon, in- and out-of-scope elements, stakeholders, etc.

Task structuring

Break-down of a given task into more manageable sub-tasks, followed by and subsequent prioritisation and early-hypothesis on key sources of impact

Collaborative task solving

Effective team-based  solving of individual sub-problems with frequent checks, realignment of priorities as required, and constructive challenge sessions 

Synthesis and action

Ongoing synthesis of (interim) results and resulting actions, clear and concise communication of outputs, and mobilisation to action

Core experience oriented modules

Leadership journey

Active conversation within the team about individual's leadership journeys - past and future, as a tool to find mutual support on the way

Team Collaboration

Active pursue of collaboration with all its aspects as a way to achieve better outcome quicker as a team (opposed to individual outcome)

Coaching & feedback

Frequent practice of receiving and giving feedback within and across the roles/
hierarchies, and the power of peer-to-peer coaching

Leading with empathy

Deepening of empathy skills, e.g., listening skills as a tool to have effective conversations; core concept, and source of trust

My team coaching principles

Team coaching can only be effective if team members are aligned on the desired outcome and can allocate required time to the effort (which can be easily reach dimensions of days) The team coaching effort as such is an intense process, requiring significant energy and involvement from all participants. 

As part of the initial phase, I probe intensely to assess team's readiness for the effort, and I only take on cases where there is a mutual believe that such effort can be successful. 

Information shared during any ongoing (individual/team) coaching engagement is considered privileged, and is hold absolutely confidential. I, in principle, do not share names of coaching clients or institutions I work with. 

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