Individual coaching

You look back at a successful career but the growing responsibility feels like a burden? You are changing role/job/company and want to take an opportunity to adjust your leadership style? You have been asked to improve a specific element of your leadership skillset?

These are just examples where assisted coaching might be of benefit. Whether you are already crystal-clear on improvements you want to implement, or just feel like some change is needed, having a regular thought partner to co-define the path with you and help you walk on it can make the difference between achieving and not achieving your leadership development ambitions. 

The actual coaching approach, its intensity, and ways of interaction are tailored and completely aligned to your individual needs, get in touch to discuss what the right approach could be for your specific questions!

Examples of output

Collection of feedback on your leadership style, highlighting your strengths and development needs. Collected in form of confidential interviews with you and jointly selected set of people who know you well. Comprehensive 360-degree feedback of Your strengths, perceived passions and motivation, but also suggested areas for improvement and/or concerns.

Your individual leadership aspiration highlighting where you come from, strengths you build upon, where you want to develop to, and the the rationale of why. Often a fundamental piece on a leadership journey, incorporating individual's purpose, passions, ambition, but also clearly articulating the reasons for change, and impact this change should have on you and people around you.

Set of specific behavioural changes required to achieve your leadership vision. These are concrete and detailed behavioural changes versus status quo, which can be observed on a frequent basis and which reflect your progress towards the vision. The list, typically, includes a balance of 'do more', 'do less', 'do differently', as well as 'accept as is' behaviours.

Routine of progress checks helping to track progress towards achieving your vision. These can be regular check-ins and/or ad-hoc sessions, aligned with specific needs. These checks are essential to actually implement the change and are the critical coaching contributions, with coach's role varying role from establishing the routine, discussing specific experiences along the way, challenging your on the why-not, or providing advice for concrete situations you might be facing.

With the right amount of time passed, it often makes sense to run a broader reflect session, reviewing the progress towards Your vision, adapting the check-in routine if needed, or fine-tuning the leadership vision based on your learning/experiences. This is also a good moment to eventually refresh the 360-feedback (see above).

My coaching principles

Coaching can only be effective if change is truly desired by the coachee. 
It is an intense process, requiring significant energy and involvement from all participants. Coach and coachee both need to reserve significant amount of time, and often bring patience into the process.  

As a result of the above, I only devote a portion of my available time to individual coaching, resulting in limited amount of coaches I can accept in a given time. This ensures my full dedication to the individual(s) and prevents overcommitment. 

As part of the initial phase, I probe intensely to assess coachee’s readiness for the effort, and I only take on cases where there is mutual believe that such effort can be successful. 

Once departed on the coaching journey, I commit all I can to see the individual succeed.

Information shared during an ongoing coaching engagement is considered privileged, and is hold absolutely confidential. I, in principle, do not share names of my coaching clients. 


Each coaching case is individual, so is my approach to pricing. Where adequate, I prefer outcome-based pricing, where the reward for coaching is linked to a measurable outcome in form of specific behavioral change. For eventual inquiries, reach out to me directly.

Team coaching

Addressing a problem in a team effort highlights the power one of the most stunning human skills - collaboration. Most professional tasks today require a team to solve them. 

In my work, inspired by years of team leadership and skill-building, I help teams (or individual contributors where applicable) to improve team outputs and experience.

My team-coaching offering consists of several modules aligned along the task-solving journey. The content can be adjusted to specific participants' areas of work, teams can even bring their own cases/problems. Modules are most effective when taken in sequence, but (with some limitation) also work on individual basis. Content is best delivered through a series of in-person sessions(virtual alternative exists). 

Task scoping, alignment

Ensuring broad based alignment on specifics of the task to solve, such as the output/actions, time horizon, in- and out-of-scope elements, stakeholders, etc.

Task structuring

Break-down of a given task into more manageable sub-tasks, followed by and subsequent prioritisation and early-hypothesis on key sources of impact

Collaborative task solving

Effective team-based  solving of individual sub-problems with frequent checks, realignment of priorities as required, and constructive challenge sessions 

Synthesis and action

Ongoing synthesis of (interim) results and resulting actions, clear and concise communication of outputs, and mobilisation to action

Get in touch to learn more and/or discuss your specific needs!