My name is Josef Kouba. I was born in 1979 in Prague/Czech Republic. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, I took the opportunity to travel for study and work with Germany, US, Japan, and Singapore being some of the places I stayed longest. I finished my studies in 2004 with a MSc degree in mechanical engineering, followed by a PhD in physics in 2008.

With studies finished, and after briefly working for an automotive supply company, I started a career as a consultant in McKinsey & Co. Over 13 years, I have been advising executives of leading companies and brands all around the globe, with particular focus in Consumer Goods, Automotive, Energy, and HighTech, focusing on topics of growth, top-line management, pricing, and innovation.  

Over time, working with executives on their leadership aspiration and development path became one of my strongest passions within the consulting job, and I started devoting significant portion of my time to that activity. Beyond working with clients, I also took a very active part as a coach within the McKinsey’s internal leadership development and training program, a role I am playing until today, even though I left McKinsey a while ago.

By the end of 2020, driven by own rethinking with regards to purpose and ambitions, I left McKinsey as a tenured equity partner. Since then, I divide my time between family, mix of entrepreneurial activities, and personal passions.  

I am a proud and involved father of 4 children, and aspire to be loving and supporting partner to my wife Ranja. Driven by one of my core believes in gender equality, I am an outspoken supporter of gender-equal opportunities, which I do my best to endorse. 

I am directly and indirectly involved in businesses in the areas of real-estate, heath-tech, and automotive up-cycling, as well as, time permitting, coaching and advisory.

My personal passions include outdoor activity such as climbing, hiking, running, and cycling. I am a passionate classic car driver, and even centred one of my businesses around this passion. I love to spend time with good friends over a bottle of wine, and some self cooked dishes, with particular favour for mediterran cuisine. 

My wife, our 4 children, and I, currently live in the city of Vienna, which I love for its family friendliness, amount of parks and open outdoor areas, as well as its proximity to the Alps.