My name is Josef Kouba. I currently live in Vienna, with my wife Ranja and our 4 children.

I am coach and business advisor, founder and business owner, and VC investor. I am also a proud and involved father, and aspire to be loving and supporting partner to my wife. I am an outspoken supporter of gender equality, which I aspire to do my best to endorse.

I am a former equity-holding Partner in McKinsey & Company. Between 2008 and 2020, 
I have been advising executives of leading companies and brands across regions, with particular focus on consumer goods, automotive, pharmaceutical, and tech. My areas of expertise include growth, top-line management, pricing, and innovation. 

Being exposed to numerous business leaders, I had the honour to be invited into thoughts on their personal aspirations, development goals, and learning paths. Over time, helping leaders to succeed on their personal growth paths became one of my strongest passions. Beyond working with clients, I was also active as a coach and trainer within the McKinsey’s internal leadership development program, a role I continue to play until today.

Born in 1979 in Prague/Czech Republic, I spent my college and university time mostly abroad between Germany, US, Japan, and Singapore. I finished my higher education in 2008 with a MSc degree in mechanical engineering, and a PhD in physics.

My personal passions include outdoor activities such as running, cycling, climbing, hiking, and sailing. I have passion for classic cars and regularly participate in vintage rallies, and I love spending time with friends, sharing a meal and bottle(s) of good wine.